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TOTD: Can we please stop screwing strangers?

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Dating has become so overrated lately. You meet someone, y’all clique and 6 months of good sex later, you realize that you not only don't know the person, but you don't like them either. Truth be told, you finally accept that you didn't like the sex either. Don't even trip. You know dang well that you thought the first time was so dang good and then when you started realizing that you weren't really into him/her, the sex became weak AF. Yep, I said it, good sex is based on whether you like them or not. Unless it's just someone that you're not attached to emotionally but that's not the topic today.

So, shall I change my initial statement to SEX is so overrated rather than DATING? Yes, I believe so.

I dare not discuss sex on the first date because so many of you, will play dumb and attempt to look innocent, like that's not your style. But we all know, that's a dang lie. Then we think we are better than the others that had sex on the first night, cause the man stayed with us after that. NO DIFFERENCE! The first night is the first night. Haha!

I lied! I will be discussing sex on the first night. Can we normalize, taking our time to get to know each other for other than what we can do for each other sexually? I know I know; we are grown, and we can have sex any time we want. I also know that it's important to know if that person can fulfill you sexually. However, have you sat down and looked at how many people that you gave a chance and y’all were supposed to have the best relationship and 6 months later, you have nothing! Not a dang thang! Sis, you are still SINGLE! Shoot, Bro, you are still SINGLE! 5 mates later. Give your private parts a break!!

This is not the time that you throw out the disclosures and start bragging. NO matter what the reason, you're still single and not with him/her! Yeah Yeah, you're built like that. You can screw and walk away! You wanted what you wanted. Still doesn't take away from the fact that, YOU'RE STILL SINGLE!!!

Can we PLEASE, stop selling ourselves short and start treating our bodies with respect? Can

we start getting to know each other before we start screwing. WE talk about mental health and depression. Do you realize some of the weight that you carry is because you haven't learned to let go of the spirits still attached to you from your previous mates? Do you know that the numerous occurrences of 5 Minutes Of Funk (y’all know I ain't lying, the average man can't even keep his penis hard these days for longer than 5 minutes) plays such a big part of your mental when it comes to relationships. But yet, you choose to keep doing it.

In this season, SELF-CARE means more than just loving yourself, it means, honoring yourself! You get to determine how people see and treat you. No one is going to treat you with respect if you ain't treating your own self with respect. You know you are tired of being hurt and wondering why he/she didn't choose you. He didn't have too! You were too busy trying to play wife and he hadn't even made you the girlfriend. She left you cause she was sick of you thinking that sex and trying to impress her was enough. Newsflash, women want a man with substance too. If I hear one more person call me and tell me that they were GHOSTED or they broke up after a short period of time, I'm going to scream.

Take the time to get to know each other, so when it's time for foreplay, making love, having wild passionate sex (I sure hope y’all are doing all of the above), it can be mental too. It makes no sense for so many people to be in so called relationships and don't know anything about each other.


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