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Meet Dr. Purposed Carn

Describe Yourself (Mentally & Spiritually).

Mentally I have Childhood PTSD, OCD, Anxieties and see my Therapist every 3 months. Spiritually I have a good relationship with God. No one comes before him. I am a licensed Ordained Pastor & Prophetess. 20 years in ministry.

Tell Us Briefly About Your Career As An Author.

I am a self-published Author of 6 books on Amazon. I love writing and currently on a 6-month book tour with (BAM) Black Authors Matter with Nikko TooGood.

Book Name:

Stretched Beyond Measures

Type Of Book:

Autobiography and Spiritual

What Is The Book About?

The book talks about how God stretched my faith, taught me to trust him, how I went through 13 years of domestic violence , experienced child molestation at the early age of one, went through child abuse and where God turned things around for my good.

What Led You To Write This Book?

I wrote the book after one day listening to the Holy Spirit and he gave me the title as well.

What Makes This Book Unique Where People Will Want To Pick It Up & Read?

The book is unique is because you see my transparency, how I received my calling, going through 13 years of domestic violence, Child molestation and child abuse. How God stretched my faith through it all and encourage others to trust God’s will.

Favorite Character In The Book & Why:

Since it is an autobiography I’m the main character. I love seeing my transformation of what I was and where I am at today walking in my purpose.

Best Memory Concerning The Book While Writing:

The best memory was after ministering on a Thursday that my ex would give me an open apology and he did it on Easter Sunday in front of my congregation.

Worst Memory Concerning The Book While Writing:

My worst memory is when my predator drove me to school, pulled me on the side of the road, had sex with me and took me to school afterwards at the age of four.

How Do You Make Time For Yourself & Manage To Keep Yourself A Priority

I make time by taking vacations, having one on one time with God, shopping with my youngest daughter, writing books and helping people push past pain to find their purpose. I also like helping Domestic survivors have a voice.

Tell Us A Song, A Scripture, A Motivational Video And/Or Person That Keeps You Motivated Lately. Why?

There is a song by Tasha Page-Lockhart that simply says, “Why Not Me”. It lets me remember God chose me for this and felt I was a great candidate for the job!

What Advice Would You Like To Share With The World?

Give up your will and allow God to direct your path. He knows what is best for me.

Any Additional Information We Need To Know About You?

I also am an Entrepreneur, Spiritual Life Coach and helping my community, give encouragement and allow my story to help inspire someone to direct their steps.

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