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Meet Domino

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Where are you from originally? Where do you live currently?

DC. Camp Springs

How would you describe yourself? (mentally & physically)

Self-motivated, highly intelligent and goal driven. I'm short but full of energy. I'm stronger, physically than most females I know. I'm a go-getter and a true motivation for others.

What makes you unique? What draws people to you?

What makes me unique is my ability to reach children on a level most teachers can’t, my ability to hear God's word, and my level of patience and passion when it comes to teaching.

Tell us a time that you were in a terrible place/mindset? How did you overcome? How do you keep from going back to that ugly place?

I found myself in a state of depression. I was diagnosed and everything. The Psychiatrist ordered me to take different medications to calm the stages of anger I would go through and to keep me from being an emotional wreck. I never took the pills. I never felt like I was so far gone God couldn't bring me back. I began to shut people out, even my children, until the day God spoke loud enough that I couldn't ignore Him. His words are what brought me out and keeps me from going back. He told me that it was time to stop crying. He said "take my hand and allow me to help you. If you let me, I will let you."

If you were given a stage to speak on anything to better this world, what would you talk about and what plan of action would you put in place to make sure it happened?

I would talk about 2 different things. The first is Domestic Abuse. I explained to the masses how this affects everyone and give resources as well as create more resources for victims and survivors to have once they've escaped their situation. 2nd, I would speak on the importance of education, especially for African America youth. Knowing our history helps to shape our future.

How do you make time for yourself and manage to keep yourself a priority?

It took a lot for me to learn about self-care until I ended up in the hospital in 2018 with what the doctors thought was a stroke. I was later diagnosed with a condition called complex migraine. Because I was overdoing it with my nonprofit, developing a new school, teaching and being a single mom, I didn't realize how hard I was going until I woke with a migraine that would render me incapable of speaking, walking or talking. My doctor told me if I didn't slow down and change my diet, I would end up actually having a stroke. That did it. Saturday's are now MY days. I normally spend it doing anything but work. I travel on the weekends with my children. I create new recipes. Just not anything work related.

How does your talent/services help others? Why would you recommend you to others?

I'm an educator with a focus on history and language arts. I would recommend me to others because of how seriously I take my job. I'm constantly educating myself to make certain my skill level doesn't fail me or others.

Tell us a song, a verse, a motivational video and/or person that keeps you motivated lately. Why?

Titus 2:7 is what keeps me motivated. Even though Paul was talking to Titus about proper teaching and integrity, I feel like God is speaking directly to me.

How do you feel about the STATE OF WOMEN these days?

I feel like the State of Women is moving more towards a power change. We have learned what the real issues are concerning how we were being held back financially, being overlooked for positions because of sexism and receiving a bad rap for "lack of knowledge". Now that we're getting more conscientious, we are taking a bolder stand to be more assertive and fight for what we deserve not holding back but holding ourselves accountable.

Shoutout a woman that you can't help but cheer on because she is doing the DANG THANG just like you. (provide her social media and or email if possible)

I would have to shoutout Skyy Dawkins. She is taking care of her elderly mom who suffers from dementia by herself while holding a position in the Mayor's office.

What advice would you like to share with the world?

Know your worth. If you don't, get to know yourself, live yourself and learn who you really are and hold on to that, build on that...you now know your worth. Don't let anyone take you for granted!

Any additional information we need to know about you?

I am the Founder and President of a nonprofit organization that provides services for women and children of domestic violence. I own and operate a Homeschool program and I own and operate a healthy eating program. I am a single mother of 3 boys who are also entrepreneurs.

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