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Meet Calette Williams

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Where are you from originally? Where do you live currently?


How would you describe yourself? (mentally & physically)

Mentally strong enough to weather any storm. Physically capable of achieving my goals no matter the path.

What makes you unique? What draws people to you?

My intuition, being a true empath my willingness to help/aid others is what draws them to me and me to them.

Tell us a time that you were in a terrible place/mindset? How did you overcome? How do you keep from going back to that ugly place?

Losing my mother and becoming 18 years old and homeless. I had to learn to accept myself and be ok with who I was. I don't look at it as an ugly place. Diamonds are born in the ruff and that place for me is a reminder of how I overcame.

If you were given a stage to speak on anything to better this world, what would you talk about and what plan of action would you put in place to make sure it happened?

I’d speak on acceptance and peace within that space. Plan of action would be to create a following via social media, build momentum, planning, seek out a location, details of hosting an event, all while feeding information to my followers.

How do you make time for yourself and manage to keep yourself a priority?

Every morning and night I give myself first priority. I give to myself through the day by validating my own feelings and thoughts.

How does your talent/services help others? Why would you recommend you to others?

Talent/service helps one to be seen, noticed, it can be the link between opportunities and talented people.

Tell us a song, a verse, a motivational video and/or person that keeps you motivated lately. Why?

I have a video of my mother leading a song at church. It motivates me just to see her. She was wise, strong, loved by all, and had a beautiful presence that touched all. I don't just say that because she's my mother. I say that because when she passed on, the church could not hold all who came. She was magnificent and I’m motivated each day to be as she would say "Be a greater light than I ever could imagine you to become".

How do you feel about the STATE OF WOMEN these days?

We as women should pull together more, uplift each other, and stop mistreating one another. We need to GROW more.

Shoutout a woman that you can't help but cheer on because she is doing the DANG THANG just like you.

Michelle Valerie's Diamond Nelson

What advice would you like to share with the world?

You have everything you need within to overcome any challenge before you.

Any additional information we need to know about you?

I'm a single mother of a handsome young man (16), have 3 masters and working on my PHD in "Conscious Centered Living". I am also an ordained Metaphysical Minister. I lead by example not just word of mouth.

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