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Dang Thang Magazine is an universal literary beacon of love that illuminates the beauty of love and self-empowerment.  Dang Thang enlightens the minds of its readership about Constantly Having Opportunities to Increase Change and Empower Self.  Our principle interest is to provide our followers with inspiration and knowledge of what it looks like when you take control of your own life by making positive CHOICES in all aspects of your life. Dang Thang is also a place for our Creator, LaTonya MeChelle to express herself and show off some of the fabulous people that she comes in contact with.  

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I believe, live and train with the CHOICES concept. We CONSTANTLY HAVE OPPORTUNITIES to INCREASE CHANGE & EMPOWER SELF. We always have options and opportunities and it's up to us, to be intentional about life so that we are constantly aware and don't miss out on our blessings. We all were brainwashed at one time. Life was never meant to be hard and the day you realize this and begin to operate with that thought, is the day that you will understand the power of CHOICES. We must learn to invest in and make ourselves a priority. People treat us how we allow them to treat us, so it's up to us to show and hold them accountable for treating us right. 


I’m all about YOU! No more pointing fingers. Yes, you are part of the problem and it's time to change that. I am a Coach who is far from traditional but as effective as they come. I am all about positive energy. My creative mind, love for people, past experiences allow me to be one of the most dedicated and precise Coaches, out here today. I will be your biggest supporter and accountability partner! However, taking responsibility starts with you. Forget what happened yesterday, today is what matters and you have what it takes. You are the secret and I'm ready to show you how to tap into all of your greatness. Everyone deserves love, happiness and peace and all of that starts with self. Once you tap into that, your personal, business and even love life will blossom.

Dang Thang is my baby to inspire & heal! It's my baby to express myself!  It's my baby to brag on DOPE Winners that I run across! It's my baby to break stereotypes and do whatever I want!  

Much Love, 
LaTonya MeChelle
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We are now accepting submissions from potential guests. Please provide up with a media kit or a small write up telling us about you and why you think you would make a great guest.  Don't forget to add 3 current professional looking pictures.  

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